Final Exhibition in Italy (04/2022)
von Amanda Chambour

EUthopia: Using Memories to Construct the Future of Europe project is successfully completed with our big exhibition. 

April 2022

During the final project meeting at I.I.S.S. Alessandro Greppi in Monticello, Italy, an exhibition was created to show the development of issues and the project outcomes. 

Some inspiration from the exhibition can be found here: 

Gender Equality: Past – Present – Future

Migration: Issues – Solutions – Hopes

Pollution: Past – Present – Future

Introduction of the project and impressions of our social events (cooking, long term mobility)

Effects of the war in Ukraine on our topics Pollution, Migration, Gender Equality

Students and guests (e.g. principal, mayor) at the opening of the exhibition

Viewing the exhibition

Students‘ comments on the project work (only a few)#

Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible. 

New friendships were born, 

Skills were honed,

Lots was learned.

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